I came to the United States from Germany with the drive and determination to excel in the field of sales and a great understanding of customer satisfaction. I began my career in sales by becoming a real estate agent and building my listing portfolio. I then embarked into the automobile industry as a BMW Client Advisor. My love of the BMW brand and German heritage has made me one of the premier Client Advisors in the Central Region. I have earned many honors such as each year obtaining a status of Charter and Honors with the BMW Profiles in Achievement. I also recently won the M Power contest with BMW. I was 1 of 4 top M client Advisors in the United States. I achieved this honor by selling more M Cars in the Central region than any other client advisor.
I’m now coming up on my 12 year Anniversary with BMW and Evans Motorworks. With a heavy referral basis and extensive client base I will continue to create memorable experiences with every BMW purchase.


Prestigious Award Winner:
2009 M Power Award Best Client Advisor/Central Region USA
2003-2015 Honors & Gold Profiles in Achievement

Working hard to provide my customers with the best VALUE in Ohio & across the United States on new & pre-owned vehicles (BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo)! Price is important to us all. To most of my customers the “best deal” isn’t price alone. It is the value added services and the feeling of trust you have with the person and the dealership you are doing business with.

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